How to Dress for Winter Exercise.

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8 min readJan 13, 2021

Or Other Winter Activity!

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Layering in the winter is an art.

With wide ranges in temperature fluctuations throughout the day, different forms of movements that require different forms of energy output, it’s hard to nail that ‘just right’ body temperature.

You see, you obviously want to stay plenty warm. But the second you start sweating, things can get clammy and weird and you will want to cool off, and it is better to avoid this at all cost.

So then, how do you comfortably layer in winter when you plan to move around and get some exercise in so that you stay warm without breaking into a mad sweat?

I spend a lot of time outside, and with Farm Brand as the main source of my winter activewear clothing, I can honestly say that I have gotten pretty good at the whole winter fitness clothing game. So check out a few of the things I have learned with these tips and tricks on how to dress for winter exercise or other outdoor activities in the cold for optimal preparation for your workout.

Start with the Temperature

The first thing you are of course going to want to do is give the temperatures for the day a quick look. If I am planning on going outside for some fitness-related activities, anything from running to hiking, then I always check the temperatures and weather first.

I like to divide my personal layering strategies into three different temperature groups:

Group 1: 20–30 Degrees F.

Group 2: 10–20 Degrees F.

Group 3: 0–10 Degrees F.

Group 1

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