Outside the Box Ideas to Showcase Your Love

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8 min readFeb 4, 2021

Just in Time for Valentine’s Day, but that go beyond only February!!

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Every human being on this planet is unique, and nothing could be more true than with love.

Not only do we all maintain different perceptions (although some may be the same or similar) of exactly what love is, we are also different in the ways in which we best like to showcase our love, as well as the variety of forms of which we can receive love.

Some relish the joys of a tangible gift while others prefer an experience. Some enjoy physical showcases of love, like a big hug in public, while others prefer keeping things more on the down-low.

And because of this vast variety, so arises quite the plethora of different ways in which you can showcase it to your significant other. We are going to get into a few extremely unique, cute, and overall outside the box ideas that all act as incredible means of saying “I love you” without saying anything at all.

So if you need a little Valentine’s Day inspiration, or if you are simply looking for new ideas to expand on your emotions shared with another, then keep reading because we got ya covered!

A Playlist

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You should never underestimate the power of a specially curated playlist for your significant other. Although times have changed, and chances are you won’t be giving them a disk with 13 songs that you took the time to personally burn into, that doesn’t mean a playlist does not maintain the same amount of meaning as it used to.

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