The Hiking Etiquette Checklist

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7 min readJan 5, 2021

Unspoken Rules of Hiking

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I have seen a lot more people on the trails lately. And that is an amazing thing.

I absolutely love when people utilize all that this beautiful Earth has to offer, soaking up the simplicity of a walk through nature as the air resets and the sun refreshes.

Hiking is free, it does no damage to our environment, it keeps you fit and healthy, it connects you back to nature.

There are seriously a million positives that come with this activity, and it is so amazing that more people are realizing these positives and how hiking makes for one of the best outdoor activities in 2021.

But because of this slight uptick in hikers, and the need to inform hikers in general, especially the younger generations who may now be finding themselves falling for the lifestyle; it is essential to go over the proper hiking etiquette and a couple of rules that come with hiking.

These rules are so extremely easy to follow, but make such a difference to both the safety and health of others as well as the delicate ecosystem we are lucky to enjoy, so please check them out and stick around with Farm Brand as we continue to provide you with hiking based and other fitness-related content and clothing!

1. Stay on Trail

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Staying on the trail is one of the single most important pieces of hiking etiquette to follow.

Although there are usually signs before the trailhead stating those very words, going off-trail can easily be mistaken for something that does no damage and that seems a silly thing to avoid should you not know the real reasons behind its importance.



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