The Ultimate Pre-Workout Checklist

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7 min readJan 26, 2021

What to do BEFORE you workout.

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A fitness-oriented lifestyle goes well beyond just the actual acts of working out. To really grow muscle, stay fit, and see results from your dedication, you have to also balance the right nutrition, rest, and other life strategies.

We have already gone over the intricacies regarding muscle recovery, so today we want to focus instead on what happens before your workout, and go over a pre-workout checklist that will ensure you are set right on the track to further meeting your goals!

1. Start with Planning

I absolutely, positively believe that workouts should be planned ahead of time just like anything else, and there are a few reasons as to why.

First of all, it’s about efficiency. If you have a workout plan in place, when you are ready to go or arrive at the gym you can immediately get on it, wasting no time wondering what pieces of equipment to hit or what forms of workout you want to do to maximize your workout time.

It is also important to plan your workout based on muscle groups. For proper recovery, each muscle group should rest for 48 hours before being worked again. This means that if you work out your legs on Monday, then you should probably focus on your chest or arms on Tuesday, so plan accordingly.

The last reason comes down to simple life organization. Being busy is all too common, and fitness takes time, so ensuring that you have dedicated time blocks set aside will help to ensure that you get your workout in without interfering with anything else!

2. Eat Your Food!

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